Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I try to lose weight, but it keeps finding me...

Post baby number one, I was so determined to lose all the 50 pounds I had gained during the pregnancy. I joined the gym, attended classes every night, ate perfectly portioned meals and even tried my hand at bikram yoga. By the time it was my son's first birthday, I must say, I was once again willing to be photographed.

Now with baby number 2, I find it so difficult to get out of the house and excercise. I love my kids and love creating exciting meals for them...the only catch is that I crave for their leftovers...oooh is the the cheese croissant too warm? let me take a bite to check, having trouble finishing your pasta bake? let me help, had enough chocolate mousse? i'll eat it for you...

So even though I'm active the whole day, with story time at the library, play dates, baking and diaper runs, my food intake sabotages any chance of weight loss. I decided last weekend, that enough was enough, the weather is getting warmer, spring is only a couple of months away and the stores have such cute dresses for sale already, so I will lose the weight. Off I went to the gym and with much trepidation, stood on the electronic locker room scale for my initial check in. By the way, we have a scale at home but the batteries ran out, I bought new ones, it requires those silver disc batteries, 2 of them, so 3 months ago I bought a couple. Who knew that there are separate "+" and "-" batteries, I thought they were like the regular AA batteries. I ended up buying 2 "+" batteries hence for the last 3 months I have been on huge food binges without a care in the world because there was no way for my husband to prove that I was gaining weight....yes I live in my stretchy pants!

There I was in the locker room, expecting to weigh in at 185 pounds, but to my pleasant shock I was "only" 167 pounds, which is still quite a lot considering I was 125 pounds pre-pregancy #1. I felt like I was halfway to my goal, which was super motivation for me. Since then I have been to the gym 3 times, plus this long weekend I went twice...yay! i'm so excited, I don't dare to touch anything remotely unhealthy or overeat, because when i'm in those group classes and my face is burning up and my body wants to collapse, I always wonder why I thought it was a good idea to eat all that junk.

Well now that I have put my story here for the world to read, lets hope that this in itself will help me get into shape once again!

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  1. Way to Go bindhavi....Loved your blog, cant stop reading...so please don't stop posting!!!