Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Revive and Makeover Your Sari

If you had a typical Indian wedding, chances are that you ended up with a truck load of saris that you loved at the time but are now dated, worn or you just don't have an occasion to wear one. My case is the latter, I would love to wear a sari but i live in a town where there are not too many opportunities to drape one on. Most of my saris have sentimental value and I simply feel guilty keeping such brilliant fabrics folded and stored in the least used section of my wardrobe. I can hardly bear to part with them, but at the same time they're just collecting dust and over time they will begin to disintegrate.

So began my brainstorming endeavor to breathe some life into those six yard saris. If you don't have a sari but would like to try out some of the ideas, the goodwill and thrift stores have some great finds.  As anticipated, a lot of these ideas require some skill in sewing, but if you're like me and don't own a sewing machine and would prefer not to deal with it anyway, you can always enlist your local tailor or dry cleaner to make some simple stitches for you. The results are awesome and cost much less than if you purchased them in some of the bigger retail stores out there, besides, you end up with an item that you have a real emotional connection to. 

What else could you ask for?! So many benefits rolled into one, here let me list the wholesome goodness of sari craft for you, since i'm already in a list making frenzy:

1. Recycling and reusing material is eco-friendly

2. You finally bestow a functional purpose upon your sari

3. Declutter your closet, give yourself an excuse to go buy clothes you will actually use

4. Fill your home with memories 

5. Enjoy the satisfaction and pride that comes from spearheading your own project

6. Plus the gushing compliments from you're friends!!!

7. If executed efficiently you will actually save money too!

6. The end result is a "one of a kind" item, we're all about being unique at KurtiTown!! 

So, here is the list of things you can make:

1. Ever seen those pillows and cushions at Pier1 Imports and thought "I could so do that"? Well now is your chance to get cracking!!

2. Table runner and matching place-mats. It would be so cool to use the end part of the sari "pallu" as the runner since it is the most decorative part of the sari, and use the body of the sari to make co-ordinating place-mats.

3. Why stop at the dining table, let's use the rest of the sari to make pot holders and decorative aprons!!

4. Cut out a small square from a thin cotton sari, put potpourri in the center and tie up with a ribbon. Now you have classy looking air freshener. Use it in your bathrooms and closets too!

5. Use the same idea above to wrap gifts for special ones.

6. Imagine a beautiful gold, embellished sari border glued to the cover of a journal or cookbook. Great idea for a personalized gift!

7. Cute baby girl summer dresses, smocks and skirts made from your cotton sari

8. A little more ingenuity required, but how about a stuffed toy made from sari fabric. A whole bunch of little elephants, giraffes and tigers sitting on your window ledge in vibrant colors would look so cozy and fancy too!!

9. How about "India" themed Christmas decorations, that would be awesome.

9. Small silk purses, zip bags and messenger bags too!

10. My favorite idea, make some curtains and use a fabric liner if needed to block the sunlight out. 

Add character to any room using your own saris!
11. How about making art out of your most precious and exquisite saris? Frame a part of the sari in a large wooden or vintage looking frame. You can take this further and make an entire accent wall by using a single or combination of sari material with an assortment of frame sizes.

12. Use the sari material as quilting squares. 

13. Duvet and day bed covers.

14. I have seen this in India, where they make a thin mattresses out of saris and stuff it with cotton. Great to roll out when the guests arrive, throw in some matching lounge pillows and logs and it will be a sensation!

15. Stitch sari borders onto the ends of bath towels and hand towels to add a glamorous, personalized touch!

So there you have it, with a little investment, you can tap a huge resource just sitting in your closet...waiting for you....ok well let me know if you have done any sari makeovers in the past, or you can even comment about other ideas and thoughts!, colorful, unique

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A real mother's day

Hope all the new and veteran moms had a great Sunday doing whatever it is you enjoy! There was an article doing the rounds on Facebook which I personally believe was written for me, the brutal truth about a typical day looking after the kids so I thought I would share it with you, the original  link is:

I was actually lucky enough to have my husband take the babies off my hands for a the article to understand what I mean!!

Written by Amber Dusick (on Twitter:

Mother's Day is coming. I'm a mother, so I'm supposed to be honored and pampered and people are supposed to worship at my feet and stuff. More than usual, that is.
Since my kids are young, much of this mother honoring stuff falls on the shoulders of my husband. I know this isn't fair, since I'm not his mother and all. So I make it easy for him by telling him exactly what I want.
Unfortunately, I have never gotten exactly what I want. In fact, almost no mothers ever get exactly what they want for Mother's Day. There must be some miscommunication going on.
I'm going to try to clear it up.
There are tons of traditional Mother's Day gift choices. The hardest thing is figuring out which one to pick:
Flowers? Jewelry? Candles? Chocolates? The answer is NONE OF THESE THINGS.
Things like chocolate and flowers are fine and dandy. But they are totally unnecessary!
No, those traditional gifts aren't the very best way to show appreciation.
To uncover the best Mother's Day gift ever for a mother with young children, you have to take a look at her life.
Mothers get up early. They are tired.
Mothers allow uninvited guests into their personal space. They are never alone.
Mothers perfect the art of eating with only one hand. They eat very fast.
Mothers even use the bathroom with the door open. They have no privacy.
And so much more.
Mothers of young children are amazing. They do all of these things! For free! Daily!
So what will make mothers feel appreciated for all of those things that they do?
To not have to do any of those things. Just for one day. Or a half day? A couple of hours?
Seriously. Just a little time off. And it doesn't even cost anything.