Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A real mother's day

Hope all the new and veteran moms had a great Sunday doing whatever it is you enjoy! There was an article doing the rounds on Facebook which I personally believe was written for me, the brutal truth about a typical day looking after the kids so I thought I would share it with you, the original  link is:

I was actually lucky enough to have my husband take the babies off my hands for a while...read the article to understand what I mean!!

Written by Amber Dusick (on Twitter: www.twitter.com/AmberDusick)

Mother's Day is coming. I'm a mother, so I'm supposed to be honored and pampered and people are supposed to worship at my feet and stuff. More than usual, that is.
Since my kids are young, much of this mother honoring stuff falls on the shoulders of my husband. I know this isn't fair, since I'm not his mother and all. So I make it easy for him by telling him exactly what I want.
Unfortunately, I have never gotten exactly what I want. In fact, almost no mothers ever get exactly what they want for Mother's Day. There must be some miscommunication going on.
I'm going to try to clear it up.
There are tons of traditional Mother's Day gift choices. The hardest thing is figuring out which one to pick:
Flowers? Jewelry? Candles? Chocolates? The answer is NONE OF THESE THINGS.
Things like chocolate and flowers are fine and dandy. But they are totally unnecessary!
No, those traditional gifts aren't the very best way to show appreciation.
To uncover the best Mother's Day gift ever for a mother with young children, you have to take a look at her life.
Mothers get up early. They are tired.
Mothers allow uninvited guests into their personal space. They are never alone.
Mothers perfect the art of eating with only one hand. They eat very fast.
Mothers even use the bathroom with the door open. They have no privacy.
And so much more.
Mothers of young children are amazing. They do all of these things! For free! Daily!
So what will make mothers feel appreciated for all of those things that they do?
To not have to do any of those things. Just for one day. Or a half day? A couple of hours?
Seriously. Just a little time off. And it doesn't even cost anything.

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