Monday, February 6, 2012

Hubby love

So, the other day my husband and and I were talking about how drastically our lives have changed over the last couple of years....from pub crawling in San Francisco and 10 mile hikes across the Tahoe being the parents of two children. He was trying to be supportive and compassionate towards me...telling me how he really appreciated the sacrifices I made to look after our growing family. I once used to work in the city, amongst the hip and cool, I used to be one of them, the high rollers living life in the fast lane, until I had my first baby. Suddenly my priorities and goals in life did a full 180 degree flip on me.

I love my new role as full time mom, its been an amazing journey in its own right and I wouldn't change a thing. There are days though, that I do miss being able to wear nice clothes without the added splash of spit-up, or to be able to go to the mall without my own posse of baby peeps. There are days when I am simply happy in my new world and then there are others when the frustration and exhaustion get a little too much to handle...that day happened to be one of those days. 

Our discussion slowly made its way into the delivery room of our second child, the climax of nine months of anticipation, hormones and per my husband, walking on thin ice. "You know"...he began to say..."during the whole delivery process, the part that I really felt your pain was when you were having a huge contraction and you had to sit still while the anaesthesiologist poked you with a tranquilizer" that point in our discussion I didn't know whether to burst into laughter or be angry at my hubby for his statement which left me dumbstruck!

What do you think?!

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