Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Sure Signs That I'm Getting Older

5 Sure Signs That I'm Getting Older (Possibly wiser too?!!)

1. Once a wannabe dance extraordinaire, I zoned out during Zumba class last week (it was a 20 second day dream before I realized I wasn't salsa'ing), but I actually enjoyed the smoother, slower movements of yoga and pilates. This is rather strange considering I once walked out of a pilates class a couple of years ago because I found it boring. 

I have no clue what this sudden mind shift is all about, anyone care to explain?! By the way, not a good idea to forget to move in Zumba or else you may get cha cha cha'd by the person next to you, not to mention the glares...ooops!

2. I dreamt I was 20 years old, and was being pursued by a hot guy. When he proposed I didn't willingly oblige and melt in his arms, not only did I decline the offer, but proceeded to lecture him on the importance of completing college, finding a stable job, saving money and then consider these romantic frivolries.  WHHAATT!!?!!

3. I would boast that I could sleep anywhere, anytime, just lend me a comfortable pillow. Thanks to the grueling training by my two kids, if I am woken up in the middle of the night, there is absolutely no way I am able to fall asleep. it takes at least 3 hours to fall back into a restful slumber, sometimes it's not even worth the effort so I am up at all odd hours of the morning these days.

4. Twitter? Flickr? Tumblr? I can't keep up, technology is moving way too fast for me to keep up to date. I give up, i'm turning into my parents. The way I see it is, as long as the iphone is cool, so am I, heaven forbid the day some other company takes over the universe and my iphone becomes a thing of the past, so too shall my coolness quotient take a beating.
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5. Glee, the most amazing show on the planet, i've been hooked since the pilot almost 4 years ago. Like I mentioned earlier, my secret goal was to be a performer and this show provided a way to live vicariously through the characters and witness their amazing talent. Now, I watch the show through a slightly different lens. I watch it as a kind of case study dealing with the realities of being a teenager in America. It's a way to educate myself on how to deal with my kids when they turn to me (hopefully) with their teenage issues. Yes, I know, a little bit over prepared, just slightly, but what can I do, i'm a mom now!!

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