Monday, August 27, 2012

Bindi's Bazaar is Back in Town

I'm Back!

A Summary of What I've Been Up To plus 3 Huge Changes.

It's been a long while since I wrote my last blog entry, a lot of reshuffling and reorganizing has been taking place, both with the shop and at home. It sort of started out with planning my daughter's first birthday, that took on the scale of nothing less than a wedding reception. I tend to take on several projects all at the same time without realizing how much effort it takes to get through them all, all the while juggling two kids. Well, baby number 2 had a great party, we were so happy to have all our close friends and family from all over town and Bay Area celebrate with us. The day went well including the cupcakes surviving the 90 degree weather. I had so much help from my neighbors, friends and loved ones that in the end we managed to pull the butterfly/princess theme all together! 

After the birthday weekend I felt as though I had been hit by a bus, I don't recall ever feeling so tired in my life. It took 2 weeks and a strong reflexology foot massage to get over the fatigue. 

During that 2 week recovery period, I had no energy left to do anything other than think, a lot! I began to think about the direction in which I wanted to take this blog and the store. I realised that it was time to make a few basic changes, it's just that those basic changes took over 2 months to set straight and there is still a whole lot more to be done! 

So here are the major changes:

1. Name change: I'm no longer using KurtiTown as my business name. For one if you're not Indian, it's way too hard to pronounce correctly. Second of all, the name kind of limits my scope, I don't want people to think that all I house are tunics. Where did the name Bindi's Bazaar come from? That was courtesy of the fine ladies of Corporate Rejects, but why did I choose that one out of a whole myriad of possibilities? Well I will save that for another blog entry.

2. New website: I now have my own website which gives me the flexibility to design my little portal on the internet, I like being able to create a layout that I choose, and to be able to add multiple pages. This is where I have to admit most of my time in the last couple of months has been spent. Check it out at

3. Merged my blogs:
I started out my KurtiTown blog and the Mommy and My Time Blog at the same time, only the latter wasn't supposed to be linked in anyway back to KurtiTown. It was meant just for me, a space where I could be my true, sometimes sarcastic self. A blog where I could pour out my heart and soul without having to worry about being judged since no one would know who wrote it. Hah! I hadn't realised that this blog showed up on my blogger "complete profile" and a few of my close friends had read my entries. The feedback I got was surprisingly positive and when I mentioned that I may not continue it, there was a resounding "no"! Apparently I had articulated exactly how my friends felt and what they dealt with on a regular basis while raising their own young families. So rather than hide this from the world I decided to take ownership of what I had begun and incorporate it into my regular blog.  

I have learnt so much over the last 6 months through my children and business, met some awesome people, and strengthened old friendships, which have helped nudge me onto the correct path. I am so excited about the future and its possibilities and am looking forward to your company!

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