Monday, March 19, 2012

Life is a Treadmill

There are some days that I just don't feel like doing anything, nothing, I just want to sit there, on my favorite place on the couch, the part with the big dip in the expensive sofa. I know everyone has a favorite spot, mine is the seat closest to the end table where I can park (alongside myself) my cell phone, laptop, a spoon and my personal jar of Nutella (yes that delicious chocolaty spread which is oh so addictive - but I am a good mother so I hide the same from my children to save their teeth, my teeth? well they can bear the abuse).

I consider this sedentary evil a luxury, almost impossible to enjoy now that I have a little family to look after. This desire stems from a variety of situations and predicaments, for example, wanting to recuperate from an all nighter, recover from the dreaded flu or to retaliate against my own self inflicted daily schedule. Whatever it may be, this luxury which I once classified as "boredom"  is like a mirage, cliched I know, but there is no other way to describe it. 

I was chatting with my friend over the weekend and we were talking about how our life with children is like running on a treadmill with a broken "stop" key. If one child is fed and ready to play, the next one is up for their meal, howling in the background. If one child is off to bed, the other needs a diaper change and of course it will be leaky, and if by chance they're both napping, the phone will ring, waking them from their slumber. No matter what happens or how lazy and tired we feel, as moms of babies we can't just say "Go fix yourselves something to eat 'cos I don't feel like cooking dinner tonight" or "I'm sleepy can you get yourselves ready for daycare?". 

It can get frustrating and at times I lose patience and go on a naughty corner rampage, and when that doesn't work I just sit there, in my special place, my little island oasis sans the chocolate indulgence, blocking out the horrendous sounds of honking toy trucks and automatic ball popping machines, defending my helpless laptop and its cord from the clutches of a crazy baby, saving my iphone from the slobbery grip of my loves, and wonder if I will ever reclaim my freedom....or the "Ctrl" key from my laptop for that matter,  it's missing and hasn't been discovered in any diapers yet so I think we're good since it's been a few weeks...

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