Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Eye Like Eye Shadow

It was one of those Friday nights when you've had a really tough week and all you want to do is sink into bed early, turn on the t.v. and zone out. So there I was 9:30 at night, quite content at my day's productivity, I had done the dishes, dusted and vacuumed the living room, folded some ( never ends...I never get to the bottom of the basket...) of the laundry and even managed time to cook a full meal. Like a thunderbolt, I shot out of bed and drove off to Target. There were only 20 minutes left till closing and I realized I had run out of baby formula. Aagh I was so pre-occupied with cleaning that I forgot to go buy some during the day.

Why target? Why not another 24 hour store? Well, I had some coupons (yes, I try to use coupons, ever since extreme couponing sweeped the nation). Most of the time my coupons expire or go missing the instant I remember to use them but today for once, I knew I had some pretty valuable Target coupons, and for those of you who know how expensive formula can be I wasn't going to give up so easily, plus I had the added thrill of getting to the store before it closed for the day!! 

So began my thrill seeking, adrenaline pumping adventure to buy baby formula. I would have liked you to picture me flying across the highway, dashing and swerving through the traffic, but alas, it was really a quick and simple 4 minute drive down the road, and the streets were empty. Once I got to the store I spotted the makeup section from a distance, and recalled that I had run out of eye shadow. I took an about turn from the baby department and landed in the midst of all sorts of  makeup. I was in the mood for some really vibrant, bright colors and looking at what was available (plus having absolutely no knowledge of this art form beyond the drug store makeup aisle) I wasn't impressed by the stuff up on the shelves.  That's when I remembered Krissi, my neighbor, telling me that she had a tonne of makeup at home. A quick text to Krissi to tell her I was going to raid her supply, and then I was on my way to grab some formula.....of course some chocolate cake caught my eye...sabotaging my own weight loss goals, I scooped it up along with the formula and began my mad dash to the check out counter. By now all the shop lights were switched off and I ran the risk of being trapped in the store all night long (reminds me of a movie I saw when I was a kid, can't remember the name of it).

Now, 7 days later, armed with 6 spanking new eye shadow brushes (who knew there were so many types, I have always used the sponge applicators), eye primer, base, finishing powder and enough eye shadow that warrants it's own 3 drawer storage box, i'm ready to learn how to go pro!!

I got some basic hands-on training from Krissi over the weekend and another consultation this morning, a step-by-step tutorial from AccidentallyMommy and loose eye shadow powder from Madd Style Cosmetics. MSC makes 100% vegan makeup, I never knew that some red pigments have insects in them (eeeewww!!) but not MSC, they use the best minerals and ingredients.

I usually go pick my kid up from day care in sweat pants and my hair pulled back moments before I have to leave, it goes without saying that I don't get decked up for this daily ritual, so it was funny today when I walked in to the classroom, the teacher was like "Oh, you look nice today, are you going anywhere special?"   and the only thing different about me was that I still had my eye shadow on from my practice session.
Note to self: Just because I don't have a desk job, doesn't mean I have to look frumpy, least..not everyday...

I managed to synchronize nap time today, so while the babies were sleeping this is what I was up to:

Excuse the base jutting out, this was my first attempt!!
I love this look!! 
So there you have it, untamed eyebrows with some super snazzy color on the lids, want to know their names? They are: Honey Badger, Boognish, Peepshow, Pisces, Ohm and Damn the Man.

Amazing how a little color can transform the way one looks and feels!!


  1. I LOVE IT! You did a wonderful job. <3 Don't be afraid to make the colors pop a little more, even!

  2. Great job!!!! Next time I'll show you how to use different bases and how to blend your bases to get a brighter/darker/sheerer look using the same pigments. You have some talent - my first attempts didn't look ANYWHERE near this good!