Thursday, September 27, 2012

Labor Day Weekend - Day 3

Delicate Arches, Arches National Park, Utah

A Day of Hiking and Driving

Day 3: Last day of the trip, we weren't expecting to hike, I was pretty sure just a few vista points, but the delicate arch was a 1.5 mile hike one way, and it was something we had to check off our "to do" list. I wasn't expecting it to be too difficult, but it was a strenuous hike, especially with the heat radiating off the steep rocks we were climbing. We took several breaks along the way, crouching in little islands of shade provided by the small trees and rocks but we finally made it and boy was it worth it.

Delicate Arch sits on top of a rock shaped like a basin, I was surprised that we were allowed to walk right onto the arch considering that there was only a 3 foot platform before you could slip and fall down the edge of the hill. I was literally holding my breath as I saw small children climb onto the arch to take pictures. I even saw some tourists running on the edge of the hill to take photos. Really people? take it easy. the words "I don't know if I approve of this" slipped out of my mouth, which met the playful scorn of one of my new friends! I guess since becoming a parent I have become extremely risk averse. It was in that moment that it dawned upon me that I am no longer a single entity and there are people who depend on me to be there for me- just a tad bit more scarier than the fact that I was on the edge of a cliff!

And that was it, we were starving after the hike, so we revisited our favorite little restaurant, the Peace tree for some sandwiches and smoothies before we hurriedly drove back to catch the flight back home. 
Random man made rock formations along the trail!
How was the overall experience? Awesome, I had agreed to spend the entire weekend with strangers and now we've become great friends. I learnt so much from them, we talked about everything, from careers, being women in the work place, to our families and life experiences, to blogging, fashion and travel. Everyone brought so much to the table, and it was just great to be a part of their lives with Moab as our back drop. Btw, if you love indie movies, you have to read Pricess Chimera's Realm, which is a great place for a review all things indie.

Thanks ladies for the wonderful weekend, it took a whole week to get back into the routine back here, looking forward to the next trip!!

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